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    Touchified e-commerce for a faster, simpler and truly mobile shopping experience

Why this now?

Mobile traffic have exploded in recent time. But mobile conversion is still lagging after the desktop shops. This means that todays ways of adapting a desktop shop to mobile need to be fixed. So we decided to “touchify” mobile shopping, lowering the barrier between inspiration and purchase. We have done this by utilizing the intuitive, visual and tactile advantages of mobile devices to create a truly mobile shopping experience. With our combined experience from Mobile Development, Web Dev, IT and Retail, we have developed Touchize Commerce. The first add-on module taking mobile shopping to the next level.

Mobile conversion
Basket size
Customer experience

Drag to profit

With one simple "swipe" the user drags the image of the product to the basket. Simple and fast, no need to use the keyboard or scrollbar. A truly touch enabled way to shop online with minimal barriers between inspiration and purchase provides a very high degree of conversion to checkout.

By visually presenting related products and offers in the buying process instead of the check-out increases the spontaneous purchasing decisions. With more products in the basket as a result. Statistics clearly show an increased number of products in the basket at the check-out.

By imitating a physical store buying process the customer gets a simple and tactile experience of having touched the product. Research shows that "touchifying” increases the willingness to buy the product and provides a better shopping experience. Thereby increasing customer loyalty.

It works like this

Touchize Commerce is browser-based and works on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. It can easily be integrated to all e-commerce platforms, quickly giving you a great-looking and easy-to-use mobile e-shop that really works. Touchize Commerce can be hosted both "In-Cloud" and "On-Site" depending on platform and merchants requirements.

Platforms we support

Open source, +1 700 000 shops.

Open source, +250 000 shops.

SaaS/hosted solution, +1 000 shops.

Open source, +225 000 shops worldwide.

Licensed software, +2 800 shops worldwide.

SaaS/hosted solution, +2 600 shops worldwide.

SaaS/hosted marketplace solution, +80 000 downloads worldwide

Our team

Jesper Deleuran



Faisal Khan



Tom Gajdos

CTO & Founder


Martin Appel

Frontend Developer


Stefan Mumm

Product Manager & Founder


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