Live on PrestaDay Paris we were proud to announce that the revolutionizing “drag to success” from Touchize is now available to all E-tailers using PrestaShop. This means that 270 000 E-tailers have the ability to instantly activate Touchize Commerce inside their shop to experience touchified commerce at its finest. This is a central part of PrestaShops endeavour to be the most mobile friendly Ecommerce platform. Touchize and PrestaShop are proud to announce that with this our partnership is taken to a new level.

Pressrelease from Touchize CEO Jesper Deleuran

To start our global launch with a well established platform such as PrestaShop makes us immidiately reach all PrestaShops e-tailers at a global level. To judge from the response here in the US, there seems to be a huge need for mobile Ecommerce technology such as the one Touchize Commerce provides. Above all it's the simplicity and the experience for the consumer that is awakening the interrest.

It was during the ecommerce congress IRCE in Chicago the collaboration first was announced. PrestaShops CEO Alexandre Erumiy is just as excited about this as Jesper Deleuran.

Unique component in our mobile strategy

With Touchize Commerce we have a truly unique component in our mobile endeavour. It's not so often you have a product with as clear and strong "Unique Selling Point" and that has been tested and delivers results the way Touchize Commerce does. We expect a lot from Touchizes part in our mobile strategy 2018 and onwards, says Alexandre Erumiy.

The partnership will mean that Touchize’s Drag-2-Buy technology will be integrated directly into the PrestaShop-plattform and it will be possible to activate by shoppers with only one click. The framework, which will primarily make it easier to shop via mobile units, will be free for a month for the PrestaShop users.