Viva Las Vegas! Touchize goes USA.

The Swedish company Touchize has been chosen among hundreds of applicants to participate in GroceryShop – one of the world’s largest exhibitions for food retailers, offering a unique mix of e-commerce, physical commerce and investors.

On-site in Las Vegas, Touchize participates as one of the hand-picked lecturers at the Fair which will provide a unique opportunity to present its innovative and revolutionary mobile ecommerce solution as well as pitching its business idea to a host of investors from all over the world. Together with eleven other companies selected, they also compete for a prize of $ 10,000.

The interest for Tochize has recently increased sharply, an important part of this is due to the company concluding cooperation agreements with significant e-commerce platforms such as PrestaShop and Dandomain. Soon, Touchize will announce new major partnerships with key players in the global e-commerce market.
“Everything happening now, we see as a direct result that the market has captured our
business concept. Now our major breakthrough is at the doorstep,” – says Jesper Deleuran,
CEO of Touchize.

At the end of September, Touchize CEO, Jesper Deleuran also participated in the jury for the
Trade Fair’s most interesting innovation idea at PrestaShop Day Milano.