Jesper Deleuran, CEO at Touchize outside the new office in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley.

Malmoe, Stockholm, Copenhagen and… Silicon Valley!

The Swedish company Touchize grows rapidly: With existing offices in Malmö, Stockholm and Copenhagen, it is now time to establishment in the US, more specifically in the region Silicon Valley – commonly called the world’s largest high tech/IT region.

Why Silcon Valley?

We need to have our “feet on the ground” when working with US customers & partners” says Jesper Deleuran, CEO and partner at Touchize. ”The interest from US customers and partners are growing and we want to service this market as well. It seems like the US merchants are picking up the chance to “swipe-2-buy” and we want to be a part of this journey.. /..and there has been a lot of the newer history making done in this area, and why not learn from the best and get inspiration from those who already has made the trip.”


Meena Annamalai, Office Manager & Jesper Deleuran

Touchize office is located in Palo Alto, centrally in the beautiful and historic neighborhood “The Ramona Street Architectural District” close to Stanford University. And Touchize is in good company: Global companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, HP, Intel and Tesla have all chosen Palo Alto as their headquarters.