The mobile has become the dominant tool for users when searching for or viewing web pages. A fact that hopefully no e-retailer has missed, but if so, hurry to mobile customize your e-store because Google has implemented a brand new ranking system:


Hello mobile, bye desktop!

Already at the beginning of last year, Google began using the mobile version of a web page for its index. Previously, it was the page that was displayed on a desktop computer or a laptop, but with so-called “Mobile-first indexing”, Google is now starting from the mobile to create indexing for the search results, this regardless of whether you have a web-adapted page or not.


Hurry up! – Half of all search results are now mobile first

The introduction of Google’s first mobile index goes fast. The search giant announced at the turn of the year that over half of all global search results are already indexed via “Googlebot Smartphone”. Google’s new indexing means that anyone who does not yet have a mobile-adapted e-store as soon as possible must fix this in order not to fall among the customers’ search results.