Project Description

Johan i Hallen

The Challenge

During 2016 the traffic from mobile devices increased drastically, but purchase over mobile did not follow at the same rate. The mobile-responsive version of the web shop did not deliver a satisfactory level of sales over mobile and tablet devices.

“We wanted to give the mobile customer an experience that reminded of shopping in a market” says Per Engström, CEO at Johan i Hallen. “We wanted something that made it simpler to find products and easier to shop – something with less clicks and fewer steps compared to an ordinary mobile shop”.

The Solution:

Touchize Commerce gave the consumers the simple purchasing process that Johan i Hallen looked for, and made the mobile customer experience smooth on both mobile devices and on tablet.

Johan i Hallen’s web shop on Jetshop’s e-commerce platform made the demand for a fast and easy integration easy to fulfil via Jetshop’s open API. The only part Jetshop had to do for the integration was less than one hour of work, implementing a script that directs traffic to desktop or Touchize Commerce.

The Result:

After the first three months with Touchize Commerce, the average order value per basked increased by 12%.

Today, the mobile conversion rate at check-out is 6,5% (Global average for the category is 5%).

The number of customers that today go to check-out is higher in the mobile channel than on desktop.

Customer support has received spontaneous feedback on how much the customers appreciate the new way of shopping on mobile.

The Future:

Next step is to work more with related products and suggest complementing products during the purchasing process (i.e. contextual offers for upsell and cross-sell).

Johan i Hallen also plans to work with tailored offers for mobile customers, and ”remarketing” by offering customers pre-loaded baskets with products that are relevant to the products already placed in the basket.

Download Johan i Hallen customer case PDF here

Project Details


Johan i Hallen






602 MSEK

+12% Increase of order value

+49% Conversion to checkout on Mobile

Spontaneous customer feedback on new mobile shopping

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