Project Description

“Easy and simple – get the product they want, and pay without hassle”

The Challenge

Mobile traffic has increased sharply during the last years. To give their mobile customers a simple and great customer experience, Nettotobak made the Prestashop-based web shop responsive.

But the conversion rate on mobile was still far below the conversion rate of the desktop version of the web shop. The customer experience was not good enough, and as Nettotobak’s CEO Amin Amo put it: ”Our customers want it easy and simple – get into the web shop, get the products they want, and pay without hassles”.

The Solution:

”I used Touchize’s mobile solution for the first time when I bought barbecue meat from Johan i Hallen” says Adam Sayf, Nettotobak’s E-Commerce Manager. ”It was exactly as simple as I wanted our mobile web shop to be”.

Nettotobak’s web shop on Prestashop’s e-commerce solution made the integration via Touchize’s open API a very fast and smooth process. Nettotobak decided to launch Touchize Commerce on both mobile and tablet simultaneously.

The Result:

Conversion rate on mobile increased from 2.98% to 6,72% (+125%).

Conversion rate on Tablet went from 5,29% to 10,19% (+93%).

Conversion rate on desktop went from 11.57 % to 11.78 % (+0,21 %).

Mobile bounce rate decreased, going from 38,08 % to 24,82 % (-72%).

Tablet bounce rate went from 32,23 % to 23,52 % (-53%)

(Global Bounce rate average for mobile channels 39%)

The Future:

The Touchize Commerce solution will soon be integrated to in-store iPads that customers can use when visiting one of Nettotobak’s brick-and-mortar store.

Next step will be testing customized offers with pre-loaded baskets, where products are placed in the shopping cart automatically. The customer can then either go directly to payment or add products to the basket and then go to payment.

Download Nettotobak customer case PDF here

Project Details







112 MSEK (2016)

+125% Conversion on Mobile

+93% Conversion on Tablet

-53 Bounce rate on Mobile

-72% Bounce rate on Tablet

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