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From a small mountain town to all of Switzerland within 24 hours

It all started in 2005, before Facebook, before Twitter, the same year that YouTube came into being. It was in the small mountain village of Fanas, Switzerland that three sports-crazed students found that they were struggling to get the kind of sports nutrition and dietary supplements they wanted. They soon realized that many other athletes and health-conscious Switzers were facing same problem, and thus decided to start Sportbenzin — an e-commerce company dedicated to making available all of the products they were lacking. Thanks to the internet, you could receive orders, pack them up, and then deliver the goods to customers across Switzerland, all within 24 hours, despite being headquartered in a small Swiss mountain village. Right from the start, the company decided that customer focus, simplicity, speed, and trust would be the four key pillars of their business.

Since its humble beginnings, Sportbenzin has seen continuous growth and development of its online store. Traditionally, most customers have made online purchases via their computer, but recent trends have shown an increasing number of people utilizing mobile devices. In order to meet their customers at this change, Sportbenzin has chosen to future-proof its shop, collaborating with the e-commerce consultant Patworx to implement Touchize Commerce. This has resulted in both an easy-to-use and efficient mobile e-commerce system that makes purchases effortless and enables customers to order products quickly and easily.

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